We are very delighted to announce that the convention was a resounding success! All the guest artists did a fantastic job throughout the weekend, and everyone had a wonderful time. We have added up the profits now that the dust has settled, and are very pleased to announce that we were able to raise close to £10,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust!

An event like this isn't easy to pull off, and many individuals have put in an extraordinary amount of time and effort over the past year to make this happen.  We would like to thank the following for all their hard work and support.

A huge shout out goes to Shaun Baird, the tireless organizer of the convention who put this whole thing together. Shaun did a magnificant job and should be highly commended for his efforts!

Close by Shaun's side to help organize the convention was John Peutherer, Carrie Pratt who managed the convention website and helped get auction items signed, and Jon Pywell who put together the convention program.

Thanks goes to all the bands and artists who performed: Simon Townshend, Godfrey Townsend, Who's Next, Mark James, Who's Who, The Whoo, The Acoustic Who, Gareth Hamilton, Irish Jack, Dougal Butler, Chris Charlesworth, Keith Altham, Gary Shail, John Blundell, Wolfy, John Mears, "Legs" Larry Smith, Karl Howman, John Schollar, Barry Quinn.

Special thanks to: Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Nicola Joss, Jools Broom, Mark Burton, Lauren J. Hammer, Sarah Baird, Greg Baird, Shaun Baird Jr., Stef Finnegan, the staff at Bush Hall,  Pat Stanton, Nicola Hamilton, Tom Matchett, Ron Dovey, Phil Wainman, Colin Tennant from Premier Drums, John "Wiggy" Wolff, Jane Mears, Simon Harding, Paul Kelly, Paul and Sam Kemp, Vincent McEvoy, Olle Lundin, Shaun Walker, Rob Lee, ME1 TV, Steve Haywood, Peter Meadows, Pete Wilky, Graham Webb, Doug Sandom, and everyone who donated items for the auction.
Finally, we would like to thank all the people who attended the event and all the bidders for the auction items. Without you this convention wouldn't have happened!