We are pleased to announce that the following artists will be performing at the 2010 Who Convention!

Thunderclap Newman


Thunderclap Newman single "Something in the Air", was a 1969 UK Number One hit, remains in demand for television commercials, film soundtracks, and compilations. In 1969, Pete Townshend, The Who's guitarist, helped create the band to play songs written by former Who roadie, drummer/singer John 'Speedy' Keen. Townshend produced the single, arranged its strings, played its bass under the pseudonym Bijou Drains, and hired for it eccentric GPO engineer and jazz pianist Andy 'Thunderclap' Newman and 15-year-old Glaswegian Jimmy McCulloch.

A chance conversation between the owner of the relaunched Track Records, Ian Grant, and Andy Newman last year, led to rehearsals with a band that drummer Mark Brzezicki (managed by Grant during their time with Big Country) had put together. The rehearsals impressed everyone involved and it was decided it was time to 'test the water' with a couple of live performances which took place in February. They were very successful and more are being scheduled.

Mark was a founder member of Big Country. He played drums on all Pete Townshends solo albums and was also a member of Procul Harum for 20 years. His association with the Townshend family is such that he also played in On The Air with Pete's younger brother Simon (and Tony Butler who was also a member of Big Country) during the early 80's and continues that association with Simon's son Josh being in the new lineup of Thunderclap Newman.

Andy Newman says “I have to say I am excited by this new project and I have to say it is fascinating with another member of the Townshend dynasty involved”.

The new line up consists of Andy Newman (Piano, Woodwind and vocals), Mark Brzezicki (Drums and lead vocals), Josh Townshend (Guitar and vocals), Nick Johnson (Guitar and vocals), Tony Stubbings (Bass Guitar).

For more information on Thunderclap Newman, please visit them on Facebook

The Wholigans


The Wholigans capture not only the sound and essence of The Who, but could easily pass for the original members of The Who. The band concentrates on the Live at Leeds era, but their set list contains a majority of the most popular material from The Who’s catalogue from day one until the untimely death of Keith Moon. From the stage clothes to the authentic stage gear + capturing the mannerisms of The Who,The Wholigans bring back memories of a Who of yesteryear which has to be seen to be believed. With the thrashing windmills of Pete Townshend to the mic swinging of Roger Daltrey and the incredible drumming style of Keith Moon, combined with the thunderfingers of John Entwistle. The Wholigans seem to have captured the total package that is The Who.

The Wholigans will perform at the convention on Sunday night at Dingwalls.

For more information about The Wholigans, visit their website at www.thewholigans.com.

Who Are You?


Who Are You? are a 5-piece Who tribute band based in the South East of England, and are coming to a live music venue near you. Catch this exciting act in action and enjoy a fantastic night of music celebrating the music of legendary rock band, The Who. Formed in 2007, the band’s driving ambition is to deliver a show that captures the exhilarating experience of seeing The Who live. This is a tribute band who aren’t concerned about looking like The Who but are passionate about sounding like them. The play list includes classic hits from the early 60’s such as My Generation and Substitute, selections from Tommy, tracks from the definitive Who’s Next album and Quadrophenia through to more recent music.

Who Are You? capture the spirit and sound of one of the greatest bands in the world with as faithful a reproduction as possible, although just like The Who live, they’re not adverse to improvising when it feels right. You will definitely recognise the guitar power chords, but don’t expect them to be smashed every night!!

Who Are You? are proud to have raised money for both Teenage Cancer Trust and Double O and are looking forward to their inaugural appearance at the Who convention.

For more information about Who Are You?, visit their myspace and Facebook pages.

The Dukes Jetty


The Dukes Jetty are rising stars of the Brumbeat scene. These young starlets from Rugby, Warwickshire have played the Isle of Wight Festival twice and the Rhythm Festival, have toured the United States and have been permanently on the road across the UK for past six years. They have also shared the stage with acclaimed acts such Hockey, Ocean Colour Scene, The Zutons and none other than cockney legends, Chas n Dave, whilst finding time to rock the legendary Dirty Water Club on numerous occasions.

Now signed to Universal and hot on the heels from recent sessions with the BBC, they are set to become one of the most exciting breakthrough acts of the twenty teens, delivering their own inventive take on intelligent English rock n roll.

To find out more about The Dukes Jetty, visit their MySpace page

The Beatbrothers


The Beatbrothers have been playing live together since 2001, when Phil Gillespie (guitar and vocals) and Eddy Gillespie (drums) were 11 and 9 years old. That year they made their first appearance at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, and have been invited back nearly 30 times since then. The band consists also of Shaun Gillespie (Bass) making it a true family affair. Andy Cope and his superb guitar playing was added to the line up last year, giving the band the chance to expand their repetoire to include numbers that benefit from a bigger sound.

Phil and Eddie have their own Indie band, Silent Call, www.myspace.com/silentcallmusic so give them a listen, there is a serious Mod influence in the music. The brothers have played some top gigs, being interviewed and playing live on Radio One from the Maida Vale Studios in London, having their own material also played on Radio Two and "live" on a number of local radio stations. They have also played live at Birminghams NEC Arena, Brittania Stadium in Stoke on Trent, and with Andy and Shaun at the Mathew Street Festival to 8000 people playing it risky with Who numbers on a Beatle stage! When Liverpools Cavern Club took over the Carling Academy in the city to celebrate 50 years of their famous club and the bands that have played there, it was The Beatbrothers they turned to to perform a Who set to the sell out crowd.

They play with as much energy as you are likely to see, and are really looking forward to their first and hopefully not last trip to The Who Convention this October!

For more information about The Beatbrothers, visit them on Facebook and MySpace.

Mikey Cuthbert


Mikey is a singer songwriter based in Essex, UK. Not classically trained, Mikey is self taught and has been writing songs for most of his life. His music is guitar based acoustic indie and his gritty but beautiful lyrics express his real life experiences and emotions.

Mikey co-hosted the instant cult hit and real time internet show In the Attic with Rachel Fuller and regular special guest Pete Townshend. The show included live music, witty rhetoric and guest appearances from established musicians and celebrities. In The Attic toured across Europe and the USA with the Who throughout the last twelve months - webcasting live by satellite from their 32 foot shiny airstream.

For more information on Mikey Cuthbert, visit him on Blogspot, MySpace, IAC

The BoHo Scarecrow


The BoHo Scarecrow was born in the summer of 2009 as a music, film and performance concept. In September 2009 it performed Tom Matchett's Attack Of The Chevron Action Flasher: A Mini Opera as part of a pop-up theatre performance to close The Treehouse Gallery in Regents Park.

The BoHo Scarecrow are currently active in performing live music, film projects and are in the process of completing the longstanding music, film and performance project The Light Gate: An Opera. This was supposed to be completed for the summer of 2010 but was rudely interupted by something called The Who Convention 2010. When completed this is intended as an album, a live performance featuring light projections, and as an extended musical film.

The line-up of The BoHo Scarecrow is kept deliberately fluid as a response. For the Who convention, The BoHo Scarecrow intends to perform in a storytellers format and will include Who songs in addition to various songs from its two opera projects.

For more information on The Boho Scarecrow, visit them on Facebook and Blogspot.

Who's Best



Who’s Best are a brand new Who Tribute Band playing songs that cover the entire career of the greatest band of all time – The Who. They play not only the ‘hits’, but also rarities that The Who themselves played only a handful times or in some cases not at all! The band are set apart by the fact that just three people are making this happen – Gareth (bass and vocals) and Andy (drums and backing vocals) make up 2/3 of WHO2, the ‘virtual’ tribute act on Youtube. Gareth thought it was about time to make ‘virtual’ a ‘reality’; so he and Andy joined forces with Dan Di Carlo (guitar and backing vocals) to make a powerhouse rock trio performing some of The Who’s greatest songs. The joke within the band is that ‘Roger’ is unwell, so ‘John’ covers vocally – giving him the opportunity to sing a lot more of his own songs for a change! The band are all massive fans of The Who (it helps!) and hope that whenever and wherever they play that they put across some of the power and majesty of Pete, Roger, John and Keith. Who’s Best consider it a great honour to play at The Who Convention 2010 and are looking forward to bringing their own brand of ‘Who magic’ to the proceedings.

For more information on Who’s Best, please visit them on MySpace.

Who's Next


Who’s Next are a hard working live tribute to The Who. They capture a magical point in time when The Who were the greatest live rock ‘n’ roll band around. Their live show aims to recreate this period in the 1970's with an explosive live sound and stage act, plus authentic stage wear and instruments. The result is a time capsule ride back to the days of Live at Leeds and The Isle of Wight Festival, plus a selection of early hits and 70’s stadium classics.

For more information on Who's Next, please visit their website at http://www.premierwhotribute.com.