Peter Meadows, author of the excellent book "To Be Someone", will be at the Convention doing a book signing. This book is a must read for any Who fan, as it is based on Jimmy's life after Quadropenia, and was approved by Pete Townshend!

Peter is currently doing the finishing touches on the sequel entitled "To Be Someone 2".  If you want to pre-order a copy and have your name printed in it, let us know and we'll ensure it happens. Peter has informed us that this will cost you £15, with £5 of it going to Teenage Cancer Trust.  But you need to be quick, the cutoff point to have your name in one is 31st July.

Peter will have copies of both books available at the convention for £7.99, with £1 going to TCT. He has been kind enough to donate a 1st edition copy of "To Be Someone" for the auction, which are going for a very pricey sum on Amazon these days. Many thanks Pete!

For more information about “To Be Someone” and to read a review by Irish Jack, please visit

To Be Someone

The swinging sixties. They say if you can remember them, you weren’t there. A new generation of fashion-conscious, pill-popping teenagers emerged. Jimmy was there and he can remember the sixties – because he spent most of them behind bars. To Be Someone is Jimmy’s story. He was no different from any other 18-year-old from 1964; he lives for the good times. Life was one big laugh – but the difference was that Jimmy had more than his fair share of bad luck. In this amusing cult novel, we hear how he goes from a very cocky, happy and sometimes confused teenager to a scooter-wrecking, car-taking, drug-dealing, cocaine-smuggling phoney gangster. Jimmy’s met all them good guys, bad guys, gangsters, psychos, weirdos and even ghosts and ghouls. To say he’s had an interesting life is an understatement. A rough, early version of the story was sent to Pete Townshend by Stevenage author Peter Meadows. Pete gave permission for the story to be based on Jimmy, the character from his 1972 best-selling album Quadrophenia. British film producer and director, Ray Burdis is currently advising and helping to adapt the story for the ‘big screen’ and possibly even a mini TV series. Inspired by Quadrophenia (c) Pete Townshend, Eel Pie Publishing Limited, published by permission.