At long last, we can now confirm that Irish Jack will be attending the convention!  Since no Who convention would be complete without the participation of the bands longest standing friend and fan, we are delighted that Jack has finally agreed to come and tell us a few stories!

Probably the most well known Who fan among us Who fans, Jack has been there right from the beginning, since the early days in Shepherds Bush when he attended dances that were headlined by an unknown band called the Detours.  Jack has been close friends with the entire Who organization ever since, and has referred to them as "the only band that mattered". 

Irish Jack has a remarkable memory and a keen eye for detail, and his legendary storytelling is always engaging, so you won’t want to miss the opportunity to come listen to him talk about his adventures with The Who!

For more information about Irish Jack, please see his self-penned biography in the Artists page.

Irish Jack1