Photo and Video Galleries are up!

We have put together a terrific collection of photos and videos from the convention that have been donated over the past few weeks. To view these, please visit our Photo Gallery and Video Gallery pages.  

Many thanks to the following people who contributed to the collection.

Carrie Pratt
Robin McCay
Terry McBride
Tony Richards
Lauren J. Hammer
Shaun Baird
Kriss Coder Roth
Martin Heath
Brooke Smith
Brian Hambling

Photo by Tony Richards 49

The convention was a huge success!

We are very delighted to announce that the convention was a resounding success! All the guest artists did a fantastic job throughout the weekend, and everyone had a wonderful time. We have added up the profits now that the dust has settled, and are very pleased to announce that we were able to raise close to £10,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust!

An event like this isn't easy to pull off, and many individuals have put in an extraordinary amount of time and effort over the past year to make this happen.  We would like to thank the following for all their hard work and support.

A huge shout out goes to Shaun Baird, the tireless organizer of the convention who put this whole thing together. Shaun did a magnificant job and should be highly commended for his efforts!

Close by Shaun's side to help organize the convention was John Peutherer, Carrie Pratt who managed the convention website and helped get auction items signed, and Jon Pywell who put together the convention program.

Thanks goes to all the bands and artists who performed: Simon Townshend, Godfrey Townsend, Who's Next, Mark James, Who's Who, The Whoo, The Acoustic Who, Gareth Hamilton, Irish Jack, Dougal Butler, Chris Charlesworth, Keith Altham, Gary Shail, John Blundell, Wolfy, John Mears, "Legs" Larry Smith, Karl Howman, John Schollar, Barry Quinn.

Special thanks to: Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Nicola Joss, Jools Broom, Mark Burton, Lauren J. Hammer, Sarah Baird, Greg Baird, Shaun Baird Jr., Stef Finnegan, the staff at Bush Hall,  Pat Stanton, Nicola Hamilton, Tom Matchett, Ron Dovey, Phil Wainman, Colin Tennant from Premier Drums, John "Wiggy" Wolff, Jane Mears, Simon Harding, Paul Kelly, Paul and Sam Kemp, Vincent McEvoy, Olle Lundin, Shaun Walker, Rob Lee, ME1 TV, Steve Haywood, Peter Meadows, Pete Wilky, Graham Webb, Doug Sandom, and everyone who donated items for the auction.
Finally, we would like to thank all the people who attended the event and all the bidders for the auction items. Without you this convention wouldn't have happened!

Keith Altham will be a guest speaker at the convention!

We are delighted to announce that Keith Altham will be attending the convention to tell us a few stories about his experiences with The Who!

Keith has had a happy twenty year association with The Who, the first four of which were as a music journo with the NME when he did innumerable interviews with all four members of the band. He then became a press agent and The Who were the clients he loved the most and looked after the longest over 16 years as clients for K.A. Publicity. Keith’s friendship with the band dates back to the 60’s, and his first trip to America for The Monterey Festival was paid for by Hendrix and The Who as an NME journo.

To read more about all the fascinating work Keith has done in the rock world over the years, please visit the Artists page.


Simon Townshend to perform new material at convention!

Those of you who have been following the progress of the event will know that we have the incredible Simon Townshend and his band performing at the convention. Simon will be playing a set consisting of songs from his successful ‘Looking Out Looking In’ album, as well as material from his forthcoming album 'Denial' due for release later in the year. There might be a Who song thrown in there for good measure too. This is not to be missed!!

Simon will be selling CDs of 'Looking out Looking in' at the convention. Additionally he will be selling limited edition 12" vinyl copies of the current single 'Bare Essence/Meet in a Dream " taken from 'Denial' which is due for release in November. Only 300 copies have been pressed and each copy is numbered and will be personalised by Simon on the day.

Photo by Diane Corcoran

Q&A with Chris Charlesworth!

We are very pleased to announce that Chris Charlesworth will be giving a Q&A at the convention on Saturday!  Chris has been a close member of the Who family since the early 70’s, when he wrote many behind the scenes stories of The Who in their heyday while working as a rock journalist at Melody Maker.  Chris went on to become editor-in-chief at the prestigious rock book publishers Omnibus Press, and has written and published many excellent books on rock, including a few classics on The Who.  Chris has also been commissioned by the Who to contribute to quite a few major official projects over the years. 

To read more about all the wonderful work Chris has contributed to the Who world, please visit the Artists page!

Chris has many up close and personal stories to tell of his memories with the Who, so you don’t want to miss him at the convention!

Keith Bobby Chris
Photo of Chris with Keith and Bobby Pridden in New York, 1974, © Bob Gruen.

Get ready for a really great auction!

The donations have continued to roll in for the convention auction.  We have received quite a few really nice items, including a signed microphone from Roger Daltrey, signed tour drumsticks from Scott Devours, who played on Roger’s solo tours and The Who’s European leg of Quadrophenia, and a signed drum skin from Steve White and Damon Minchella, who played bass and drums for The Who at Live 8.  We also have a very nice limited edition signed print from the Quadrophenia tour from the artist Richard Evans, various posters and photos, and so much more!  Pete and Roger have been kind enough to sign a few items that we have sent to them, which will help increase the value of these donations. 

If you would like to bid on any of the auction items, but you are unable to attend the convention, we are accepting online bids up until Friday September 6, the day before the convention begins.  You can send your bid request via our Contact page.

For more information, please visit our Auctions page.

Roger Daltrey mic



New singer has been added to Who’s Who

We have a bit of news regarding the lineup for the convention...

With great regret and something that cannot be helped, Gary, the front man for Who's Who cannot perform at the convention due to a recent injury. This news was a big blow for Gary and the rest of the band. We are sure many will be disappointed to hear this news, but there has been a resolve to the issue! 

Barry from the Wholigans has kindly offered to fly over from the US to step in and help front Who’s Who for this event instead, with Gary’s approval!  Barry has played at many Who conventions in the past, so we are very excited to have him perform this year!

We would personally like to thank Barry for all of his help, and we wish Gary a speedy recovery!!


Mods and Rockers

As reported earlier, we have Gary Shail, AKA "Spider" the Mod from Quadrophenia, coming along to the convention to do a Q&A and tell us a story or two. We can now confirm that one of the Rockers from the movie will be joining Gary onstage, John Blundell! John is a British actor that has played in many roles on UK screens, but is best known for playing "The Daddy" in the controversial film, Scum. So get ready to rumble as these two gentlemen take the stage!

John Blundell


Convention will be filmed for ME1 TV

Well folks, just a bit of news that we'd like to share with you...
The Who convention will be filmed by an entertainment channel that covers all areas of the arts/media, ME1 TV! This is great news for the convention and we are delighted that ME1 TV are going to be there. The presenter who will be covering the event is Erkan Mustafa, who played the cult icon "Roland Browning" from Grange Hill, back in its heyday.

The event will be streamed online this year and hopefully will be on our TV screens in the near future!

To find out more about the ME1 TV, visit their website at

Many thanks to Steve Haywood for setting this up!

Quadrophenia scooter will be on display!

An exact replica of the famous "James Michael Coopers" Lambretta motor scooter (also known as "Jimmy") that was featured in the Who’s cult movie Quadrophenia will be at the convention! The scooter is from the Quadrophenia Collection and has been used for band and magazine photo and video shoots all over the UK. Jimmy's original scooter was hired to The Who Films Ltd in 1978 while filming the movie, and was sold at auction for a whopping £36,000, making it the world’s most expensive scooter!

Thanks in advance to Graham Webb for bringing it to the convention!


Doug Sandom book signing

We are delighted to announce that Doug Sandom will be attending the convention and doing a book signing of his brand new book entitled "The Who Before The Who".

As most of you know, Doug was The Who’s first drummer, starting out playing dances and small clubs with Pete, Roger and John back when they were The Detours in 1962, and was there in the early days of The Who until 1964, before Keith Moon joined.  Doug’s book focuses mainly on his period with the band, and has many interesting stories to tell!


Secure your convention t-shirt now

We have a limited run of official convention t-shirts that will be for sale at the event. These are now available for advance purchase for those of you who wish to wear them to the convention, or are unable to attend but would like to have one for your collection. These t-shirts are of good quality and priced at £12, plus £3.50 for postage within the UK. The postage to ship outside the UK will vary depending on location.  Postage fees will be waived if you want to pick them up at the convention.

To purchase a convention t-shirt, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Convention T-Shirt

Peter Meadows book signing

Peter Meadows, author of the excellent book "To Be Someone", will be at the Convention doing a book signing. This book is a must read for any Who fan, as it is based on Jimmy's life after Quadropenia, and was approved by Pete Townshend!

Peter is currently doing the finishing touches on the sequel entitled "To Be Someone 2".  If you want to pre-order a copy and have your name printed in it, let us know and we'll ensure it happens. Peter has informed us that this will cost you £15, with £5 of it going to Teenage Cancer Trust.  But you need to be quick, the cutoff point to have your name in one is 31st July.

Peter will have copies of both books available at the convention for £7.99, with £1 going to TCT. He has been kind enough to donate a 1st edition copy of "To Be Someone" for the auction, which are going for a very pricey sum on Amazon these days. Many thanks Pete!

For more information about “To Be Someone” and to read a review by Irish Jack, please visit

To Be Someone

The swinging sixties. They say if you can remember them, you weren’t there. A new generation of fashion-conscious, pill-popping teenagers emerged. Jimmy was there and he can remember the sixties – because he spent most of them behind bars. To Be Someone is Jimmy’s story. He was no different from any other 18-year-old from 1964; he lives for the good times. Life was one big laugh – but the difference was that Jimmy had more than his fair share of bad luck. In this amusing cult novel, we hear how he goes from a very cocky, happy and sometimes confused teenager to a scooter-wrecking, car-taking, drug-dealing, cocaine-smuggling phoney gangster. Jimmy’s met all them good guys, bad guys, gangsters, psychos, weirdos and even ghosts and ghouls. To say he’s had an interesting life is an understatement. A rough, early version of the story was sent to Pete Townshend by Stevenage author Peter Meadows. Pete gave permission for the story to be based on Jimmy, the character from his 1972 best-selling album Quadrophenia. British film producer and director, Ray Burdis is currently advising and helping to adapt the story for the ‘big screen’ and possibly even a mini TV series. Inspired by Quadrophenia (c) Pete Townshend, Eel Pie Publishing Limited, published by permission.




Who Convention t-shirts!

We will have convention t-shirt's available at the event, priced at £12 each!

The t-shirts are of good quality and there will be 100 available.

All profits made from the t-shirts will be donated to Teenage Cancer Trust.

A big thanks goes out to Griffiths Clothing who has made this happen!

Convention T-Shirt

Irish Jack will attend the convention!

At long last, we can now confirm that Irish Jack will be attending the convention!  Since no Who convention would be complete without the participation of the bands longest standing friend and fan, we are delighted that Jack has finally agreed to come and tell us a few stories!

Probably the most well known Who fan among us Who fans, Jack has been there right from the beginning, since the early days in Shepherds Bush when he attended dances that were headlined by an unknown band called the Detours.  Jack has been close friends with the entire Who organization ever since, and has referred to them as "the only band that mattered". 

Irish Jack has a remarkable memory and a keen eye for detail, and his legendary storytelling is always engaging, so you won’t want to miss the opportunity to come listen to him talk about his adventures with The Who!

For more information about Irish Jack, please see his self-penned biography in the Artists page.

Irish Jack1

Slab Precision bass has been added to the auction

We have received another outstanding donation from Gareth Ishmael of Slab66 for the convention auction!

This stunning, custom built 1966 Slab Precision bass guitar is a replica of the one used by John Entwistle, which can be viewed on the whotabs site
Again, if you cannot make the convention but wish to bid on any of the auction items, please contact us 24 hours prior the convention and we shall hold your bid for you.

For more information, please visit the Auctions page.


Single day tickets are now available

After several requests for single day tickets, we have decided to finally release them. As much as we would love you to come for the entire weekend, we understand that's not possible for some people, so here's your chance to get a ticket that will suit your needs!

Both days are going to be packed with great entertainment as you can see from the schedule, and we have at least two more artists to add to the line up!

To purchase day or weekend passes, please visit the tickets page.

Thanks again for supporting the event, and helping to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust!

Exhibition for A Decade Of The Who artwork

The original artwork that was featured in the 1977 book A DECADE OF THE WHO will be on display at the convention. The artwork is by the late artist John Davis, who was commissioned by Pete Townshend in the mid 70’s to create graphics for a book about the first 10 years of The Who, which spans 1965-1975. Pete and Roger Daltrey were very impressed with John’s work after viewing an exhibition of his paintings that were inspired by the songs of Tommy, and wanted to use his creative portrayal of The Who for their book project. The artwork was passed on to a close friend of John, Paul Kelly, who will be bringing part of the collection to the convention.
For more information, please visit A Decade of The Who Facebook page

WhoArt1 WhoArt3 WhoArt2


Quadrophenia cast member to appear at convention

Gary Shail, who some of you may know as "Spider" from Quadrophenia, has kindly agreed to get on stage to share some of his experiences and answer some of your questions. It should be a lively discussion that you won't want to miss!

For more information about Gary Shail, please visit our Artists page.


Acoustic Who to play at the convention

We are happy to announce that the Acoustic Who have been added to the line-up of acts. This Birmingham based tribute band have a unique style, mixing acoustic with electric to bring their own special interpretation to The Who’s music, while remaining true to the energetic power and passion of the original songs. They come highly recommended from members of other tribute bands, so we are delighted to have them perform. You can find them on facebook and you can witness their vibrant, fun, and highly entertaining performances on youtube.

For more information on Acoustic Who, please visit the Artists page.


Mark James will perform acoustic sets at the convention

Mark James is a talented solo acoustic artist who is scheduled to perform a few short sets and the odd number here and there between acts at the convention. Mark bolsters a fantastic set list of rare Who material played in a distinct and original style that should please everyone at the convention!
You can listen to Mark's take on Pinball Wizard here!


Q&A with "Legs" Larry Smith and John Mears

Convention update!!

"Legs" Larry Smith and John Mears will be entertaining us at the convention by getting onstage to do a Q&A and telling us a tale or two. Larry, former drummer of the comedy satirical rock group the "Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band" struck up a close friendship with Keith in the late 60's, which Larry once described was based on lunacy and madness! John was Keith's trusty driver & PA in 1970, and was fortunate to be present at The Who's well known shows, Live at Leeds and the Isle of Wight. Keith also bought a Hotel / Bar with John's parents, the Crown & Cushion, which hosted a few great parties back in the day. They both have many great stories to tell us, so you don’t want to miss the chance to see them!

For more information on “Legs” Larry Smith and John Mears, please visit the artists page.

LarryLegsSmith                        JohnMears

Premier donates drum art piece to auction

Premier Drums have generously donated this fantastic item, which we are sure will create a lot of excitement and interest at the convention’s auction! This is your chance to own this truly unique item, a decorative Spirit of Lily bass drum that has been cut and modified to be mounted on a wall. There are only two of these in existance and the other one is proudly on display at Premier Drums headquarters. To make this magnificent item even more valuable and special, both Pete and Roger have agreed to sign it! This is a once in a life time chance to own something that will never become available again, it truly is a stunning piece of art!!
A big thanks to Premier Drums for this wonderful donation, and to Pete and Roger for signing it!
For more information on Premier, please visit their website at


Maximum R&B with Who's Next

With delight, we are proud to announce another great Who tribute act that will be performing at the convention... Who's Next!

This year is Who's Next 10th year anniversary and they plan to give us a treat of performing some early songs from the Detours / High Numbers, as well as a great selection of Who numbers. You don't want to miss it, so be sure to buy your tickets to the convention early, before they sell out!

For more information about Who's Next, visit their website:


Q&A with Karl Howman

Karl Howman will be joining Dougal Butler onstage at the convention for a Q&A session, and to tell stories of his memorable times with Keith Moon. Karl and Keith first met while filming "That'll Be The Day" back in 1973, and they soon struck up a good friendship. Some of their antics together are featured in Dougal's book "Full Moon", which is narrated by Karl for Talking Music

For more information on Karl, please visit the Artists page.

The Whoo, a modern tribute to The Who

We would like to announce The Whoo have been added to the line-up of acts. One of the newer tributes to the band we all love and know, this band is filled with quality and dedication. This will be evident when you come and watch them perform at the convention! 

For more information, check out The Whoo website or connect with them on Facebook.


New story by Irish Jack

We are delighted to announce a brand new memoir that Irish Jack has generously donated to the Who Convention website, entitled Film Cameras & ‘Geysers’. Jack recalls his day out in London doing film work with Pete Townshend and Richard Barnes for director Matt O’ Casey’s brilliant documentary Quadrophenia: Can You See The Real Me that aired on the BBC a couple years ago. It’s a great tale, and Jack’s amazing skills as a storyteller are in full force, so you don’t want to miss it!

The memoir is posted in the Stories section of the website.

Irish Jack
Photo by Rory Cobb

More donations for the auction

The auction is shaping up to be a fantastic one this year.  More and more items continue to be donated, which will all help to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust charity. 

Keep an eye on the Auctions page to see what new goodies have been added!

quadrophenia parka

Dougal Butler book signing and Q&A at convention

With it being 35 years to the day of Keith Moon's passing, what better way to celebrate Keith's life than to have people close to him at the Convention, and there was no one closer to Keith throughout his adult life than Dougal Butler.
Peter ‘Dougal’ Butler, who was Keith's personal assistant, bodyguard, minder, chauffeur, aide de camp, gentleman’s companion and constant partner in many misdeeds for 10 years, will be attending the convention.
Dougal will be signing his re-released book "Full Moon" (aka Moon the Loon) and doing a Q & A session with all those who attend!

To connect with Dougal, visit him on his Facebook page.

Who’s Who is on the bill

We are happy to announce that the UK's longest established Who tribute band, Who's Who, will be playing at the convention. Anyone who has seen them perform will know how powerful, exciting, and authentic to the Who's original sound these guys are.

For more information please visit the official Who's Who website:

Simon Townshend to play at the convention!

Here is a man that needs no introduction, Simon Townshend!!!

With great delight, we would like to announce that Simon and his band are now in the lineup and will perform at the convention. Simon is guaranteed to blow the roof off the venue — something you won't want to miss!!

For more on Simon, visit his official website:

Waterstone guitar up for auction

Waterstone GuitarWe are going to follow the good tradition of previous conventions by raising funds for our chosen Charity (TCT) by having an auction at the event!

The Convention Team have been working hard trying to get donations from various companies and people for the auction and so far we've had some fantastic donations.

We would like to kick off the auction by announcing that Waterstone Guitars in Nashville has kindly donated their stunning "Lord Kitchener" model guitar with a cool mod design, which Simon Townshend has kindly agreed to autograph! Many thanks to Waterstone for this fantastic donation, and also to Modern Day-Events and Simon Townshend for helping to make this happen.

We understand that not all of you will be able to attend the Convention, so if some of you wish to bid on any of the auction items, please contact us and we will place the bid on your behalf. If no one exceeds your bid amount on the day of the auction, the item will be yours.

To find out more of Waterstone Guitars, visit them at

Godfrey Townsend to perform

We are proud to announce that Godfrey Townsend will be a featured performer at the convention.  He will be performing a solo set, playing with guest musicians, and telling us a few personal stories about his time on the road with The John Entwistle Band.

To find out more about Godfrey, visit his website:


Tickets on sale now

Extra, Extra, Read all about it!
After a lot of interest and questions regarding tickets for the Convention, we have decided to release 200 weekend passes a bit earlier than we planned.
The cost of a weekend pass is £55 and all tickets can be purchased through paypal. All ticket sales are non-refundable.
Your ticket(s) will be available for collection at the will call window from Bush Hall on the day of the event.

Day passes will be available at a later date, costing £30 per day.

To purchase tickets, please go to the home page of and click on the Buy Tickets button.